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RS Feva

Difficulty: 1 star rating beginner

The RS Feva is simple to rig and easy to sail yet gives great performance with an asymmetric spinnaker. The Feva has spread rapidly all around the world and has training and racing programmes for novices through to world championship level racing. Perfect for two young sailors or adult and child teams, the Feva can also be sailed single-handed. The Comptec PE3 construction is durable and the Feva has been chosen by many schools and clubs globally. An ISAF International Class, winner of Dinghy of the Year in the USA, Coup de Coeurs in France, an RYA Recognised Junior class, selected by the Danish and Norwegian sailing federations for major sailing growth projects.

Size: 3.64 metres long, 1.42 metres wide, weighing approx 63 kilograms
Sails: 8.6 square metres (extra sail called spinnaker is 7 square metres)

Number of sailors: between 1 and 2
Weight of sailor(s): ideally between 45 and 125 kilograms (if racing)

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