Different types of boat

List boats by sailor's skill:

  • Beginner - boats for learning in
  • Intermediate - what to progress into
  • Expert - high-speed thrills for advanced sailors
  • Olympic - boats raced at the Olympic and Paralympic games

List boats by type of person:

  • Disabled - boats for physically disabled people
  • Youth - boats for children and teenagers
  • Family - boats that let parents sail with children

List boats by number of people required:

Other ways to list boats:

How do I choose a boat?

You should not think about buying a new or secondhand boat until you have had a chance to go sailing several times in several different boats. Just try things out! There are so many different types, there will be one or more that suit you well. Once you have a little experience you will know what type of sailing you want to do, and can then start to do your research. One of the most important things to do is find out what sort of boats are sailing at your nearby sailing clubs, especially if you want to race there.

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