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Would I like sailing?

If you want to try sailing, to see if you like it, there are ways to have a go without any major financial commitment. Your nearest sailing club may be able to arrange a trial sail, or you can try a watersports holiday. Our sport is full of people keen to help newcomers get interested.

Can anyone sail?

You do not need to be fit or able-bodied to sail, as there are such a variety of boats to cater for everyone. If you cannot swim, do not sail alone - just make sure your instructor or companion is aware. Disabled sailors may have to travel further to find a suitably-equipped sailing venue.

What about children?

Children as young as 8 can sail small boats alone, and there are many craft suitable for families with tiny children too. Nearly all sailing clubs cater for children of any age.

What organisations will help me?

Your national association or local club will have details of courses and trial sessions in your area. Normally they are delighted to help newcomers. Check their website or give them a call.

Is sailing expensive?

Sailing is not an expensive sport, unless you choose to race at the highest level! Secondhand boats can be bought very cheaply, but you do not have to have your own boat at all. Many boats need 2 or more people to sail them, so finding opportunities to sail on someone else's boat is not difficult. Specialist sailing clothing can seem a little expensive, but again you do not have to own any, or buy brand new. It all depends how much you get hooked!

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