Get Racing

In the next installment of our series for those new to sailing, Rupert Holmes looks at how to choose a boat for getting started on the race track.

1 Introduction to racing

It's a chance to escape from the stresses and worries of day-to-day life

2 Choices, choices

There’s a bewildering choice of boats in some countries

3 Singlehanded dinghies

If sailing alone, you won't have to worry about arranging a crew

4 Crewed dinghies

Dividing the roles carefully between 2 or 3 people is important

5 Multihulls / Catamarans

Exciting adrenaline-fuelled sailing

6 Keelboats and Sportsboats

Keelboats are more stable and are generally sailed by a crew of 2 or more

7 Big boat racing

Yachts are a further step up from keelboats, with a larger crew

8 Where to sail

Not only on the sea, but small lakes and rivers too