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Why windsurfing is for you

2: What happens when you get windsurfing?

It’s good for you!

Both physically and mentally. Even in the lightest of winds, windsurfing is a mobile and active sport which gets your heart rate pumping, tones your body and helps you become more supple. It’s good for the head too. You can empty your mind of all other worries and stresses while you’re out on the water; just enjoy the sensation of being afloat. It’s like a detox for your body and mind.

It’s a sociable sport!

Expect people you’ve never met before to come up to you and ask “What size sail?” when you’re rigging up on the beach, and then start chatting as if you were old friends. That’s just part of the sport. Windsurfers in general are a very nice bunch of people; helpful and always willing to chat, and because the sport has always been a little bit of a fringe activity, everyone who does it feels like they share a common bond. The people you share your bit of water with soon become buddies, which adds even further to the enjoyment; smiles as you pass each other on the water, impromptu races and lots of encouragement and advice as you learn the sport. And of course after sailing there’s nothing like a few beers to sooth those tired hands. Après surf is every bit as lively as après ski!

It will take you places!

These days many windsurfers take a holiday overseas to sail new venues and explore new places. Just as keen skiers become familiar with the Alps and the Rockies, many windsurfers are regular travellers to Egypt, the Canary Islands and as far away as the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia and Hawaii. Going on a ‘windsurfari’ adds a focus to your holiday – you’re not just sitting by the pool in vegetable mode, you’re exploring new places, meeting new people who share your passion and having fresh experiences.

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