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Why windsurfing is for you

1: Why would you like windsurfing?

It has something for everyone!

At any beach or lake you will see beginners rubbing shoulders with intermediates and experts, but theyíre all out there enjoying themselves equally. Whether youíre 8 years old or 80, taking your first precarious steps on a beginnerís board or working out how to pull off the latest trick, the sense of achievement is unsurpassed.

Itís never been so easy!

Modern boards are much wider and easier to stand on than in the early days, while sails are also lighter and more controllable than ever. A few days under the guidance of a good instructor will see the complete novice progress to the point where they are happily skimming back and forth in relative control, pulling off respectable turns and remaining relatively dry.

Itís not just about falling off!

The popular image of windsurfers always falling in is now obsolete modern gear is so much easier to use that you only fall in when youíre really going for it. And who cares if you fall in anyway - how many other activities can you think of where you can crash at 30mph and come up laughing? Thatís one of the great things about windsurfing; the wipe outs donít hurt!

You donít have to be superman!

You donít need to be a decathlete to get into windsurfing (although the sport will certainly help keep you fit!). Technique plays a greater part than strength, so women and children learn just as quickly and easily as men. The equipment is so much lighter than in the early days, making the boards and rigs easy to carry and handle once on the water.

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Itís a sociable sport that will take you places

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