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Clubbing together

3: Children's clubs

One of the biggest selling points of a Sunsail holiday are the childcare facilities. There are five Kids Clubs available depending on age: Jordan being five, he became a Sea Urchin. Again nothing is compulsory and once signed in, if a child wishes to leave all they have to do is ask and a staff member will go and find a parent to sign them out.

Jordan was a little unsure about going but we said he didnít have to stay if he didnít want to. But when we walked into the Urchinsí room under the main pool area, he took one look at the kids already signed in and that was it ó gone straight in without so much as a look back, and this was the trend for the rest of the week. Activities included the usual videos and games but more importantly an hourís on the water sailing tuition. As an instructor I enjoy teaching sailing, but itís not always the easiest thing to teach your own urchins, so having a trained instructor to make it fun while they get on the water is an excellent idea.

The size of the grounds at Phokaia is another of its selling points. During our stay, there were in excess of 400 guests, 200 of which were children of varying ages. But not once did we have a Ďwe have to get out of hereí moment! The only time the Kids Clubs were really noticeable were as they marched through the club on the way to one of their many activities, singing at the top of extremely loud voices.

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