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The Gulet gauntlet

1: Gocek is suggested

We wanted secluded anchorages, no hassles mooring in harbours or marinas, plus authentic local charm with an unspoilt coastline. Thatís a tall order when so much of the Med has been over-run by tourist development, and when youíre travelling during school holidays in the middle of August. However, Jeremy Tutt from the Moorings assured us he knew just the right place. ĎGo to Gocek, itís lovely and quiet, even in August!í he said.

Iíd been there before; a long time ago when Gocek was a wee fishing village and the whole area was barely touched by visiting yachts, let alone beach clubs and hotels. Last time I flew into Dalaman it was a Turkish military fighter base which allowed occasional civilian aircraft to use its facilities. All that has changed, and Dalaman has since become a large and very modern airport.

Of course, I didnít recognise Gocek at all. The old fishing harbour has been replaced by two marinas and most of the old buildings have gone. But unlike nearby Marmaris, the level of development appears low-scale and restrained. In fact, itís a delightful place to collect a yacht. The Port Gocek marina, slightly out of town and notably upmarket, gets my accolade as one of the most relaxed and pleasant marinas in which Iíve stayed. Itís very quiet, facilities are excellent and the town is a 10-minute stroll away.

With thanks to:

The Moorings

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