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Childís play

6: Safety conscious

When you mix kids with water, safety is always a primary concern and this is taken very seriously at the resort; all children must wear helmets and buoyancy aids. Adults neednít wear helmets but life vests are a must. The sailing area has virtually no tide and there are some very sheltered spots if the wind does pick up too much. There are numerous safety RIBs out at all times and on one occasion my youngest sonís class was brought back by RIB as a precaution when the wind got up a little. All of the children are taught a capsize drill and the instructors are all RYA-approved.

In the event of a mishap staff with first aid skills are on hand and in the unlikely event of someone needing to see a doctor there is a private clinic 20 minutes drive away at Mahon. I know this firsthand as my youngest Tom had a fight with a palm tree one evening and needed a couple of stitches. The clinic in Mahon was easy to find and all of the staff we met spoke English. It is never nice to see your children get hurt but full marks to the clinic, they did a wonderful job.

My mother, Christine, decided she was not going to sail (although later on she did say she regretted her decision) and spent most mornings reading by the pool and generally relaxing. However, she used the hire car to good effect exploring the island.

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There are some stunning vistas on the craggy north coast and some great shopping to be had in Mahon or Ciudella

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