Childís play

Louay Habib discovered he had two new converts to sailing on his hands on a family holiday to Minorca, even if they did start overtaking Dad

1 Choosing the holiday

I was conscious that it should be fun rather than a training camp

2 Rapid arrival

The choice of accommodation is huge, from small apartments to large villas

3 Tuition time

The guests choose which type of boats they would like to sail and are then split into classes according to ability

4 The boys learn to sail

The instructors had superb skills and were very patient with their young class, the emphasis was on fun

5 Embarrassing dad

Unfortunately, Dad didnít fare quite as well on the first day!

6 Safety conscious

On one occasion my youngest sonís class was brought back by RIB as a precaution when the wind got up

7 Further afield

There are some stunning vistas on the craggy north coast and some great shopping to be had in Mahon or Ciudella

8 Kidsíverdict

"I did hiking, it was fun because my teacher put me in the water"

9 Summary

The facilities are excellent with a massive choice of boats