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5: Other trainees have their say

David Brown and Mike Rogers were also taking Level 2, and we sailed together at the beginning of the weekend. I asked them about how they enjoyed the course.

Why did you chose Rockley Watersports?
They have a good reputation and are well known in the area. They also have a very extensive range of courses and dates to choose from, I used them many years before for a short introduction to sailing, they are local to where we have a house in Poole — and they have access to the very large and safe expanse of Poole Harbour.

What were your motives for attending such a course?
To get to know if sailing was for us, to make more and better use of the fabulous harbour, to improve our sailing skills and confidence, to gain a recognised qualification to help us hire out sailing boats and/or to buy our own.

What was your impression of the facilities and location?
Very good location — in a quiet corner of the second-largest harbour in the world. Good facilities — plenty of kit for all sizes, large classrooms, and clean, though wet, changing rooms etc. Has practically its own beach and beach cafe for a picnic and break at lunchtime.

Were you happy with the instruction and why?
Yes, the instructors were very patient, and helpful.

What are your future sailing plans?
Our original intention was for us to see if we were keen enough to buy our own sailing dinghy, but instead we have graduated further onto sailing yachts! We are both now taking an RYA Day Skipper theory and practical courses to enable us to hire our yachts with friends in Croatia next year! Nevertheless, we will continue to hire sailing dinghies in and around Poole Harbour next year, now that we have the qualifications and confidence.

With thanks to:
Rockley Watersports

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