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As wild as you like

7: Wild windsurfing

Wildwind offers windsurfing as part of their ‘Free as the wind’ package, in conjunction with Club Vass which is a stone’s throw away. Club Vass really takes you under their wing even if you’re not staying at their centre as they have such a good relationship with Wildwind. Vassiliki is perfect for all levels, particularly beginners as the safety of the bay is ideal and you can really master the basics in the morning’s light winds, while in the afternoon, when it picks up, you can put your skills to the test and progress quickly to the next stage.

On our trip I focused on waterstarts and harness work which the whole group mastered quickly due to the excellent tuition. When the wind was a bit light for this we tried our luck at some freestyle moves, which mostly ended up with us all in the drink!

I found the freedom of Wildwind one of its best aspects, having never sailed before it gave me the chance to experience so many things, including sailing with Gael in an RS400, being taught by the editor of Y&Y did add a certain pressure not to be really rubbish, but luckily with the excellent tuition I didn't think I was too bad, even if I do say so myself!

The Wildwind experience was not what I expected, having previously been away with the big names of sailing holidays, I found it to be a very intimate and relaxed centre which instantly puts you at ease because of the friendly instructors, easy going atmosphere and lively evenings where the instructors are the entertainment. Even as a nonsailor I can't wait to go back.

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