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5: The social side

The Healthy Options programme saw us enjoying delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast (fortunately my taste was for the vitalising one, it was more embarrassing for those who acquired a taste for the ‘sex drive’ recipe which the barman always seemed to take great amusement in announcing very loudly!), but it certainly didn’t mean a teetotal holiday!

Vassiliki is a very social destination, and the instructors soon demonstrated their prowess at cooking (Vassiliki’s barbecue is legendary), mixing cocktails (which resulted in some people taking a semi-clothed dip in the pool!) and last, but by no means least, an extraordinary wealth of musical talent — musical turns even including a clever ode to crocodile hunter Steve Irwin who had passed away that weekend.

On the nights that nothing was organised in the centre, the village was just a short walk away, with a wealth of waterside restaurants and the very social Zeus bar, scene of a suitably boisterous final night’s prizegiving. Quite simply, you could make your nights as long as you wanted.

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Aside from a number of excursions, the healthy options programme includes regular yoga sessions

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