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As wild as you like

3: So many choices of activities

I was completely torn as to what I should do; part of me wanted to crack my windsurfing, but as Wildwind’s chilled atmosphere had already started to permeate that seemed rather too much like hard work!

I could dip my toe into cat sailing… After all, as my cat career so far consisted of a brief outing in a Tornado, a sail on ‘Club Med’ and a few races on a VX40, I really should give this branch of the sport a proper try. However, I’m afraid the lure of the dinghies was just too much and I found myself taking an RS800 out for a spin. 49er sailor Tom Smedley was a good example of the calibre of instructors which Wildwind manages to attract. The promise of high wind sailing on their days off attracts the really keen sailors, while there is a relaxed, friendly approach with the instructors working very much as a team.

The next step from the RS800 had to be the 49er. To begin with I was rather keener to simply crew for Tom, but he was most insistent on my taking the helm, and the results were a lot of fun. Faced with the prospect of the regatta day, I persuaded Tom that the RS400 would be a much more manageable steed for me, but after a couple of practice races I could see his point — in Vass’s early morning light breezes I was easily capable of taking the 49er out, and it would be much more of a challenge.

I was really grateful that he pushed me. We hit the first start with my mind simply on getting round the course without too much embarrassment. Instead we went out and won both morning races — Tom was so at home in the boat, his crew work meant we didn’t really have any boathandling issues. I returned ashore on a real high and immediately retired at the top of my 49er career — there’s no point in pushing it, so I rewarded myself with an afternoon by the pool!

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