As wild as you like

As Wildwind’s name suggests, this holiday centre has a reputation for providing excitement, but it also has a relaxing side.

1 Transfer and accomodation

The accommodation is organised around two restaurants owned by related Greek families

2 The sailing

Even in the legendary afternoon wind no-one is left on the beach as the instructors organise ‘joy rides’ for those not so confident

3 So many choices of activities

I was completely torn as to what I should do; part of me wanted to crack my windsurfing

4 Healthy options

Aside from a number of excursions, the healthy options programme includes regular yoga sessions

5 The social side

Quite simply, you could make your nights as long as you wanted

6 A true holiday

The best thing about Vassiliki for me was that I actually relaxed

7 Wild windsurfing

Wildwind offers windsurfing as part of their ‘Free as the wind’ package