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Grand-prix cruising

4: The verdict

First and foremost we had an excellent holiday. I would definitely go with The Moorings again but would probably do a bit more homework before arrival next time. The location, the conditions and the boat were fantastic, even if the sailing was a bit sedate when you are used to racing TP52s. The catamaran was great for getting closer to the beach than everyone else and being able to moor in space. It was remarkably manoeuvrable but a bit awkward to anchor (needing a strop between the two hulls). Having a hull for each family was an excellent set up and it was perfect to sunbathe and swim from. It was great to be able to explore coves that were hard to get to by car and to have a fridge full of beer, freshwater shower and all the bits that come along with young children just a few boat lengths off the beach. Some of the best spots got a bit busy but it was high season and never a real problem — we could always up-anchor and find a neighbouring beach.

Going with only one sailor onboard was not ideal as there is a lot to think about — it did get easier as everybody learnt to help and if the kids were older it would be easier still (I think). One week is not really long enough as you actually only get six days sailing, which means three days out and three back re-tracing your steps. With two weeks we could have sailed all around the island and never returned to the same spot twice. The kids had a fantastic time and the young ones went from being scared of standing on a jetty to being happy to jump in and out of the rubber dinghy. This is great experience for them — six-year-old Jack Mulligan even wants to join the sea scouts now!

With thanks to:

The Moorings

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