Easy like Whitsunday

The Australian Whitsunday Islands are one of the world’s most idyllic cruising grounds, Helen Fretter explored them on a bareboat charter.

1 Introduction

Sailing the Whitsundays proved to be a whole lot of fun

2 Meet the boat

I’ve experienced briefings varying from the lackadaisical to the excessively scaremongering

3 In the tropics

This close to the tropics the temperature rarely dips below the high 70s

4 Sharks and jellyfish

The Whitsundays effectively have one giant ‘No feeding the animals’ sign

5 Snorkeling

I popped my mask on and dunked my head over the side to sea what all the fuss was about

6 Finding new beaches

Macona is a particularly picturesque spot and a useful anchorage in most wind directions

7 Surfing home

We popped the sails up and headed north, enjoying some high-speed surfing

8 The verdict

If you’re looking for a totally relaxing holiday, the Whitsundays might not be right for you

9 Further information

Australia is a dauntingly long way away for many people