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Where To Sail

5: Other opportunities

Although membership of a club is the route through which the overwhelming majority of people build their sailing experience after completing their initial RYA courses, there are other routes to getting your first sailing experiences. There are many RYA training centres around the UK, in both inland and coastal locations that offer a wide range of courses. Details of these can be found on the association’s website.

Many local authorities also have watersports training facilities. Often these are primarily geared to the needs of school children, but many also run courses for adults, as well as for children on an individual basis out of school time. Some of these also provide opportunities to continue sailing after completing RYA courses, without the need to buy a boat of your own.

Also — and it’s easy to see the attraction of this route into the sport — a very high proportion of Brits now get their first taste of sailing as part of a holiday in the sun. This offers the advantages of near-guaranteed decent weather and warm water, which maximises the chances that your initial experiences will be enjoyed to the full.

We cover this in greater depth in a our holidays article. And remember to join a club when you return home — most people do not keep up their good intentions in this respect, and miss out on great opportunities to enjoy their new activity on a regular basis.

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