No Excuses

In the first of a new series Rupert Holmes breaks down some of the barriers that stop people getting afloat.

1 Introduction

There are so many different aspects to sailing and racing that they could almost be considered different sports

2 "But I donít live near the sea"

Many people are not more than an hourís travel from a variety of sailing opportunities

3 "But it must take ages to build enough qualifications and experience to become competent and safe?"

All clubs have safety boats of some type that provide rescue cover

4 "Surely sailing is very expensive?"

There are also thousands of people who race dinghies worth only a few hundred pounds

5 "But what about the time commitment ó it dominates the lives of all my friends who sail?"

Itís true that the lives of many sailing enthusiasts revolve around their sailing commitments

6 "Isnít racing only for the super-fit? I donít have the fitness or coordination for it!"

A wide spread of ages, physiques and even disabilities are often able to compete on level terms

7 "líd really like to give sailing a try, but donít want to be put off if my first experiences are bad weather and cold water."

There are an ever-growing number of companies offering watersports package holidays