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The NSSA is a UK membership organisation for anyone involved with sailing in an educational environment. Concentrating on primary and secondary education, we aim to include sailing as part of the educational experience of young people. Our membership is divided between group memberships for local association teams and outdoor education centres and individual adult and youth members. We are actively trying to increase the number of individual members to ensure we reach as a wide an audience as possible.
We include monohulls, multi-hulls and windsurfing in our activities, aiming to ensure the core skills of developing fitness and healthy living, personal and social development, selecting and applying skills, improving performance and developing a risk management approach to water-sports in safe and controlled environment.
We do this by providing a youth sailing scheme to our members that is specifically tailored towards groups of youngsters who sail on a weekly basis with easily achievable targets. The scheme includes support for those delivering the scheme with on and off the water activities which link into the educational development of the youngsters in the classroom. Our membership of local associations and sailing centres use our schemes to provide sail training for hundreds of children each year.
We also coordinate competitions at local, national and international level providing some of the biggest inclusive and prestigious sailing regattas in the country. These events serve as achievable milestones for the development of the young people following their development in local associations and at sailing centres. Focusing on inclusion and the development of youngsters the NSSA has shaped the future of many youngsters including some of Great Britainís current Olympic team.
The work of the NSSA is funded from the membership fees with additional "top up" funding from Sport England and the Royal Yachting Association specifically to support the grass roots development of the sport. Author: Chris Lowe

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