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Topaz Taz

Difficulty: 1 star rating beginner

The Topaz Taz is an ideal introduction to sailing for children. It is safe, comfortable and ultra modern with a spacious self-draining cockpit. The Taz can be sailed by two people with main and jib. The Taz can also be sailed singlehanded. On the one hand, a child as light as 30 kilos can sail it, and on the other the Taz can carry up to 90 kilos, meaning that two children or an adult and child can sail together. The rig is simple and lightweight enough to be operated by a child single-handedly, although its main use is a two person trainer or family boat. It is available with a Dacron sail, a hard wearing option favoured by first-time sailors and schools, or the higher performance Mylar option.

Size: 2.95 metres long, 1.2 metres wide, weighing approx 40 kilograms
Sails: 5.39 square metres

Number of sailors: between 1 and 2

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