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7: Big boat racing

Yachts are a further step up from keelboats, with a larger crew, each of which is likely to have a relatively specialised role. The exception to this is with the increasingly popular two-handed sailing events, when both crew members need to be able to take on (almost) every role onboard, including navigation.

The majority of events involve inshore ‘round the cans’ races, although there’s also a full programme of offshore races, in the English Channel, North Sea and Irish Sea, as well as longer-distance events. Compared to the number of dinghies that are raced in the UK, there are relatively few yachts that are actively raced, so activity tends to be concentrated into fewer locations.

However, with even fairly modest yachts racing with seven or eight crew, it’s an activity that involves a very large number of people and there are plenty of opportunities to crew.

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