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No Barriers

1: As old as you feel

These are among many inspirational older or disabled sailors who compete against those who are generations younger, or against able-bodied people at the highest level — at the age of 65 foiling Moth sailor Colin Newman regularly beats people of less than half his age, and is showing no sign of retiring from either this class, or the equally demanding International Canoe. Offshore yacht racing also has its senior competitors — Dutch veteran Piet Vroon has picked up more silverware than most in his string of boats, including the latest 56ft ‘Formidable 3’, in which he’s still competing some two decades after most of his contemporaries have retired.

The Squib class is a case in point — this venerable but competitive onedesign keelboat attracts large entries to key events, including up to 100 boats at its national championships, with sailors ranging from 10 years old to their mid 80s, and is also used as a training boat for several disabled groups.

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