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Boat Buying

6: Insurance and modifications

Insurance is the first essential to arrange when buying a boat. Beware of the temptation to buy a dinghy, hitch it up to the back of the car and immediately tow it home ó if you have an accident en route damage to the boat wonít be covered. Equally, if itís left in a dinghy park and itís stolen before cover is arranged you also have a problem.

If youíre buying a yacht and paying a substantial deposit before completion of the purchase, itís a good idea to have a policy in place at the time at which the deposit is paid.

Once youíve completed the purchase of your craft, it can be very tempting to replace existing deck systems and layouts with your own ideas. Itís often worthwhile resisting this temptation until you have a little experience of the class ó itís easy to get carried away on a wave of enthusiasm, before youíve really learnt what will do the job most effectively.

In the first instance itís often best to just make sure the existing gear works effectively ó chafed control lines, jammers that donít operate properly, and any other clearly defective items should be replaced, and the same goes for low-grade systems with excess friction.

If your new boat is your first experience of the particular class, then itís worth checking the class association website for useful information The Lark class, for instance, has excellent sections covering getting an older boat up to its full sped potential, as well as a tuning guide thatís relevant to all owners.

Similar advice applies to buying new sails ó youíll gain a much greater benefit from new cloth once youíve got the boat handling and crew work up to speed.

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