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Boat Buying

2: How much to budget

Itís important to be aware that the purchase cost of the boat needs to be a fair bit lower than the pool of money that you have available to spend up front. These initial costs will include insurance, extra kit or repairs needed to bring the boat up to top condition, additional personal gear, as well as the first yearís club fees, or mooring charges.

When drawing up a budget itís important to include a generous allowance for unexpected contingencies ó most boat owners underestimate the total costs involved, some by a considerable margin. The replacement value of accessories such as covers, trailer and trolleys, deck gear and sails can greatly exceed the value of the hull and rig, especially for older dinghies.

Therefore, when comparing the price of individual boats itís important to do so on a like-for-like basis, taking into account any extra expenditure needed to get each boat into full racing trim. This exercise will frequently show that a seemingly expensive boat thatís well equipped, with plenty of recent gear, is in fact a genuine bargain.

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