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Clubbing together

4: Hit the beach

One down, two more to entertain. For me it was time to head to the beach front. There are briefings and clinics available daily for those wishing to try new types of boats or just refresh their existing knowledge, while for the more competitively-minded there are also also race days running throughout the week. Or there are oodles of spare dinghies and windsurfers if you just want to go for a sail.

Phokaia opened for the first time at the start of the 2006 season and the equipment on the beach was all brand-spanking new. Even after a full season it was still in excellent condition and the range is good, although a little lacking in high performance craft. Still, there are enough for all guests to get on the water in a wide variety of dinghies, windsurfers, canoes and yachts. It was rare that we had to wait for a boat and as soon as you enter their domain the waterfront staff would persuade you of the virtues of yet another pre-rigged dinghy, patiently awaiting your return in the shallows to save you the hassle of de-rigging at tea-time.

The sailing area of Phokaia is safe and large, well protected by the spectacular island that contains the world-famous Siren Rocks from Homer’s Odyssey. The sailing is generally a flat water experience, while the most noticeable thing is the area’s length and breadth which allows great long legs, ideal for planing (if the wind is up) and, of course, the entire area is well patrolled by the safety team ready in case someone falls in.

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