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Clubbing together

1: Introduction

There’s no doubt about it, Club Phokaia’s location is stunning. We’d had a long day travelling but, as the bus crested the brow of a hill approaching the local town of Foca, to a view of the superb sailing area gilded by the setting sun, the weary mood on board perked up immediately.

My first holiday afloat was spent in the Greek islands with my parents aboard a 30ft yacht, but since then I have spent more time on the flipside — as a Sunsail staff member in a variety of roles around the world. The company is renowned for their sailing flotillas and bareboat charters, as well as the watersports facilities at their beach clubs.

But in recent years, these clubs have been adding extra attractions, such as health spas and gyms, to make the holidays more appealing to a broader market and thus open up Sunsail holidays to the non-sailor. It is these features that we truly intended to test out, as neither my partner Claire nor son Jordan are sailors (yet!).

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