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The Gulet gauntlet

5: A change of culture

For a change of culture, we dropped in on the Greek island of Kastellorizon (also known as Meyisti) which is 500kms from mainland Greece but only 5kms from Turkey. This island is a curious hybrid, variously occupied by France, Italy and Turkey until Greece took over in 1921. Having been a major port on the 19th Century trade route, Kastellorizonís population plummeted from 20,000 to 200 and its town was heavily bombed during the Second World War. Burnt-out houses are now being stylishly renovated, as the island takes on a new lease as a hideaway for discerning tourists who are mainly Italian ó itís also a lovely place for a short visit by yacht.

Closer to Gocek, the deeply indented bay known as Skopea Limani has an almost unlimited choice of good anchorages in a 12-mile cruising area that is extremely well protected from prevailing wind and swell. This is an ideal sailing area for people who donít want to risk any long passages or rough sea, with more than enough variety to provide a pleasant, hassle-free cruising area for a week. The downside is that itís very popular with gulets and other tripper boats in high season, but thereís still space enough to find some peace.

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Gocek is a very pleasant place to start and end a charter, with a big choice of easy anchorages within easy reach

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