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The Gulet gauntlet

3: Avoiding noise and tourists

Most nights we sought and found a secluded bay. The principal challenge was to run the gauntlet of gulets. These handsome, traditional Turkish craft have become very popular for group holidays and there were a lot of them about — particularly between Marmaris and Gocek. Most caused no trouble, but a few were determined to shatter the peace with their frolics. Our solution was to up-anchor and move on, which is pretty easy when the next decent anchorage is only half an hour away.

We were surprised to find it was easy to buy food or fill the yacht with fresh water every few days, despite only mooring in one town during a two-week stay. Kalkan was a very simple fishing village until a canny Istanbul developer bought the whole place. It still has some charm, if you can stand the sight of too much (principally English) flesh being paraded around the streets. One night at Kalkan was amusing, but we kept well away from any more tourist hotspots.

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The Moorings

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