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Child’s play

8: Kids’verdict

Jack (aged 9): My favourite boat was the Stratos but in the Topper or Pico I did capsize once. The food was lovely and I liked garlic mayonnaise on bread. I learnt how to tack and gybe and I learnt the capsize drill. I really enjoyed my holiday.

Tom (aged 7): I had a great holiday at Minorca Sailing, I was a good sailor. I capsized three times and one day we had to get the lifeboat to pick us up as it was a stormy day. I did hiking, it was fun because my teacher put me in the water. It was a shame when we had to go home but I had a nice time.

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There are some stunning vistas on the craggy north coast and some great shopping to be had in Mahon or Ciudella

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The facilities are excellent with a massive choice of boats

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