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Childís play

5: Embarrassing dad

Unfortunately, Dad didnít fare quite as well on the first day! I have done a lot of big boat racing but never did any dinghy sailing as a child, (I was into rugby in a big way when I was a nipper) and I am ashamed to say that I didnít take to my Laser Pico very well. In fact if the truth be known I nearly sank it! I switched to a Laser Stratos which was more becoming to my physique.

The week at Minorca Sailing is definitely the longest period I have ever sailed a boat on my own and I must say I really enjoyed the experience; learning to co-ordinate helming with sail trim and feeling how the boatspeed changed was a real eye-opener but the really enjoyable part for me was the freedom of sailing alone, it is something that I have rarely experienced. Also I went sailing two-up with Jack for the first time, he helmed and I crewed and it was a very memorable occasion.

For the very little ones there is also a nursery; right next to the sailing area, meaning that if you visited Minorca Sailing with very young children, you could enjoy the sailing and still be within close call of your loved ones.

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Minorca Sailing

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The instructors had superb skills and were very patient with their young class, the emphasis was on fun

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On one occasion my youngest sonís class was brought back by RIB as a precaution when the wind got up

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