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Childís play

1: Choosing the holiday

Jack and Tom are nine and seven and, like many boys of that age, are often found charging around the garden trying to imitate Wayne Rooney and spending a bit too much time on computer games when itís raining. Kids can get bored easily especially during summer holidays so when I suggested we go on a sailing holiday for the first time, they jumped at the chance.

The boys had done a bit of mucking about in boats and had really enjoyed it, but I thought it was high time they had some proper tuition; however I was conscious that it should be fun rather than a training camp. I didnít want to put them off sailing; it was after all a holiday and the experience had to be safe, warm, fun and friendly. Also it had to be a suitable destination for a non-sailor as well; Jack and Tomís Grandma was coming along too. After thinking long and hard about where to take them, Minorca Sailing was my first choice and after one week there we are already booked up to go again next year.

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