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6: A true holiday

The best thing about Vassiliki for me was that I actually relaxed. It sounds silly, but sailing is so linked to my work it can be hard to switch off. In Vassiliki I not only switched off my laptop, I switched off the work part of my brain — so much so that instead of feeling like I had to spend every spare second on the water, I was even spotted reading a book by the pool — very unlike me, but very much needed. I’m not sure whether it was the massage, Reiki, or just Vassiliki’s atmosphere, but the stress of a busy life seemed a world away.

I even managed to tempt my windsurfing friend out for a sail in the RS400 to give her a taste of dinghy sailing — just like me she only managed a few mornings of windsurfing, as we both found ourselves far too busy chilling!

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