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4: Healthy options

For non-sailors as well as those wishing to return from holiday leaner and fitter, rather than the more usual half a stone heavier, Wildwind’s Healthy Options alternative programme complements the watersports activities brilliantly. We soon found we could opt into some of the Healthy Options activities while still doing some sailing as well.

So often on sailing holidays you can almost forget where you are. But the herbal walk is an ideal way to see some of the island of Lefkas, and German herb expert Brigitte is an enthusiastic guide — even if she does like to talk a bit too much sometimes! The walk visits an old ruined monastery, and finishes up at a small restaurant for lunch — where everything is home-cooked by the welcoming Maria using the freshest ingredients picked from her garden. We returned to Vassiliki clutching herbal teas to cure all our ills and feeling well-filled on the best food of the holiday. Aside from a number of excursions, the healthy options programme includes regular yoga sessions run by Karen, which many of the sailing guests also choose to attend, and a relaxing massage. I think the high point of my holiday was falling asleep during my massage — it sort of set the tone for my week!

We were lucky enough to be at the centre during a special Reiki workshop week, run by Emily. As well as running Reiki sessions, there was the chance to learn about doing it yourself, and Emily also ran regular Tai Chi classes. Now you might describe Reiki as a bit ‘tree-hugging’ — it’s all to do with the ‘power of the universe’, and simply involves hands and crystals being laid parts of your body — but I’m pretty open to anything that will help and I have to admit that after my session I felt so emotional it was hard to hide my tears. I was left feeling very reflective, positive and relaxed and Claire had a similar experience.

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