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As wild as you like

2: The sailing

Situated in a large bay, Wildwind shares its sailing waters with the Club Vass windsurfing centre, situated right next door. The two centres have a great arrangement which means guests can combine windsurfing and sailing, or in our case — Claire being a keen windsurfer and myself a sailor — we could each do our own thing.

Wildwind has a reputation as one of the best breezy sailing locations — it must have been a fantastic venue when the Hobie catamran European Championships were held here in 2001. It is also an excellent place to learn, while the big breeze (known as ‘Eric’) tends to spice up the afternoons, the morning is generally lighter, a nice 5-10 knots providing an ideal. Even in the legendary afternoon wind no-one is left on the beach as the instructors organise ‘joy rides’ for those not confident of handling the conditions themselves. So much of Wildwind’s ethos is about having fun and enjoying your sailing, that I soon found out why people rave about this as a sailing holiday destination… it’s impossible not to enjoy yourself.

Vassiliki’s fleet includes over 40 of the latest dinghies and catamarans covering the full spectrum from beginner’s boats to the top end. As we were visiting at the end of the season, the fleet had seen quite a bit of action, but it really didn’t matter, with regular big breeze afternoons new sails would have been a waste! Vassiliki is unrivalled in its wide selection of catamarans, which include the Hobie Fox, Tiger, Pacific, FX1, 16, 15, 14, Dragoon and Teddy. For cat sailors you really can’t get closer to heaven when it comes to a sailing holiday! The dinghy fleet is a little less extensive, but there is a wide range of toys to play on including a 49er, RS800, RS400, Laser 5000, 4000, 3000, 2000, Lasers (standard and 4.7) and Picos.

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