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Windy week at the palace

4: All in all

I canít deny that I was disappointed by the weather, or should I say the excess of it. However, there really were plenty of activities to choose from. Others I met had enjoyed some of the other sports on offer during the windy days, including mountain biking and kayaking.

And if all that sounded a little too energetic, there was a very large saltwater pool around 1.6m deep, separated from the main beach area by a row of trees that offered shelter from the winds, surrounded by beach loungers and an ideal place to lay back and read. I even managed a few visits to the spa, which includes a small freshwater indoor pool, to relax and revitalise myself. I also tone and stretched with a few yoga sessions.

A large bar area adjacent to the outdoor pool offered a variety of alcoholic and soft beverages all day and most of the night. This was a perfect vantage point to watch the sun set over the swimming pool each night, preferably with a nice cocktail in hand. On several evenings the restaurant closed and a barbeque was on offer here instead.

The restaurant itself served breakfast, lunch and dinner on four evenings, all included, with an abundance and variety available at each meal, although the restaurant, full of children, does get rather noisy on occasion. There is a choice of accommodation: in the main building or in small two-storey villas within the gardens. My room, in the main building, was spacious and cleaned every day, with a balcony that overlooked the bay.

This resort would appeal to anyone wanting to try different sports or even brush up on various skills. Most tuition is aimed at beginners however, and is not especially intensive. It is more about having a go and relaxing in beautiful surroundings.

Also, I had decided to go alone but on reflection I wouldnít necessarily recommend this for a Beachplus Club. Most visitors were families or couples, and there was very little in the way of organised socialising, unlike some of the other types of holidays Neilson offer.

Overall though, I may have been quite literally blown away for most of the holiday, but I was never short of activities and came away having made some big improvements in sports that I hadnít even thought about trying before the trip.

Prices for a Neilson holiday at a Beachplus Club resort in Greece start at 539 Euros including a 30-minute transfer by coach to the resort (organised by Neilson). Visit www.neilson.co.uk for more information or telephone +44 (0)870 333 3356.

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