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Windy week at the palace

3: Sailing at last

The conditions on the last few days did make some dinghy sailing possible. I had joined the theory classes on the very windy days so that I was armed with head knowledge if and when the time came for an actual sail.

When that opportunity arose, I initially went out doublehanded and then nervously had a go on my own for the first time since I was a teenager. It wasn’t long before I capsized! But there were always plenty of instructors out in safety RIBs patrolling the secluded bay, and I was up and away in no time. Buoyancy aids had to be worn at all times on the water and were available from the equipment shed on the beach — the centre of all watersports activity.

I decided to throw caution to the wind (no pun intended!) and entered the regatta on the last day, which was also the best wind-wise. Still in a Pico, I think I came last in nearly every race, but enjoyed myself immensely: the perfect way to round off the week.

I even managed to fit in my first ever go on a catamaran and went for a joy ride on a Dart 16. I was very impressed with the rollercoaster blast, and came back onto dry land with the biggest smile.

The sailing boats available — including Funboats, Picos, Lasers, Laser Vagos and Dart 16s — when the weather permitted, were always rigged and ready to go. The same beach staff and instructors would also be immediately on hand to guide you back in when the time came. Although this doesn’t necessarily promise a faultless landing, as I found out when I parked my dinghy up the beach on one occasion, much to the fright of some innocent sunbathers enjoying a quiet afternoon on the beach!

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