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Windy week at the palace

2: Windsurfing lessons

I had also enrolled on some windsurfing sessions, but even they were cancelled or spent in the water doing balancing exercises with no sails at the beginning of the week.

However, I’m not one to be put off easily and by the end of the week the winds were beginning to ease a little. I continued to persevere even though I was sometimes the only person to turn up due to the choppy state of the sea. I spent so many hours standing up, falling over, and climbing back on board after being hit by a huge wave that the instructors even had to bandage my bruised shins.

My perseverance paid off though, when finally on the last full day of the holiday, the sea calmed, the powerful gusts blew away and the wind relaxed to a steady Force 3-4.

Without the big waves I was up and away in no time. Flying along with a big grin on my face, the perfect reward for all my efforts, even if at times a little nervous that I might not be seen again after windsurfing over the horizon.

The tuition and equipment were inexhaustible, with plenty of boards and sails for all levels. And my patient instructor, although like the rest of the beach team very disappointed by the weather conditions, remained enthusiastic throughout.

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