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No Excuses

3: "But it must take ages to build enough qualifications and experience to become competent and safe?"

Although itís a potentially dangerous activity, itís possible to participate fully and safely in sailing many kinds of boat with very little experience, providing you know your limitations and operate within a controlled environment. All clubs have safety boats of some type that provide rescue cover should you get into difficulties.

The RYA, sailingís national governing body, has a very comprehensive training scheme, which can be slowly worked through, while you simultaneously build experience through your own sailing. With families that are new to sailing, it often works best if everyone learns together, over a period of time. This is nearly always better than one parent gaining minimal qualifications in a short time frame and then struggling to teach the rest of the family, but unfortunately thatís how it often happens.

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Many people are not more than an hourís travel from a variety of sailing opportunities

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There are also thousands of people who race dinghies worth only a few hundred pounds

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